July 31, 2023

Florida Policy Institute Calls on Governor to Pause Medicaid Re-determination Process and Adopt the Policy Waivers Offered by CMS

WQCS writes:

"Official data eleased Friday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) show that Florida’s Medicaid redetermination process, in the month following the end of federal “continuous coverage” provisions, resulted in 249,427 Floridians being disenrolled, 82 percent of whom had their cases closed for procedural or “red tape” reasons, not necessarily because they were no longer eligible.

The data released by CMS shows Florida pushed more people off Medicaid in the first month of the redetermination process than any other state.

In light of this official data, Florida Policy Institute (FPI) CEO Sadaf Knight [emphasis added] reiterated calls for the state to pause its Medicaid redetermination process and to opt into policy waivers offered by CMS in order to reduce numbers of procedural denials.


Back in May, when preliminary data surfaced showing that a large share of Floridians whose coverage was terminated had been disenrolled from Medicaid for procedural reasons, FPI and 51 other organizations called on state policymakers to pause the redetermination process.

'We are again urging the Department of Children and Families and Gov. DeSantis to temporarily pause Florida’s Medicaid ‘unwinding’ and conduct a thorough analysis of systemic problems, including the woefully inadequate phone system. Florida is also the only state in the nation to refuse the option of policy waivers from CMS, which would allow the department to reduce red tape for families who are trying to navigate a labyrinth of confusing notices and hours-long call wait times. The state should opt into appropriate waivers, which would allow them to reduce unnecessary procedural disenrollments, and preserve health care access for eligible, vulnerable children and families. “The health and well-being of adults and children is of the utmost priority, and continuing down this redetermination path without a better grasp of the situation and more transparency in the state’s process will have deleterious effects.'


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