December 9, 2019

Florida Lawmaker Pushing to Allow All Immigrants the Chance to Get Driver's Licenses [ABC Action News]

Paul LaGrone of ABC Action News writes:

"A Trump-supporting state lawmaker wants to allow immigrants the chance to get a driver’s licenses – whether they are in Florida legally or not.

In a Full Circle special report, Anchor Paul LaGrone found the potential new driving rules are being pitched as a tool to reduce hit-and-run crashes across Florida, but critics blasted the idea as sending the wrong message to those already breaking the rules.


For the nearly 700,000 immigrants living in Florida illegally, getting a state driver’s license is prohibited and experts say when those immigrants choose to drive without a license it puts everyone on the road at risk.

'Not only is it good for them, but also it would be good for the rest of Floridians too,' said Alexis Davis of the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added].

The non-profit published a November 2019 report making the case to allow all immigrants a chance to get a license to drive. The report also estimates the state would take in an extra $68 million in revenue from fees, taxes and vehicle purchases."

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