March 15, 2023

Florida is 1 of 11 states declining to accept federal money to expand Medicaid [NPR]


"Millions of people will start seeing notices next month that their health care coverage is going away. The Biden administration's decision to end the COVID public health emergency also ends a temporary expansion of the Medicaid program. In Florida, state officials expect more than 1.5 million people to lose coverage. As NPR's Greg Allen reports, Florida is one of 11 states that declined to accept the federal government's regular Medicaid coverage.

GREG ALLEN, BYLINE: When the COVID pandemic took hold in early 2020, Kristen Garner, like many Americans, found herself suddenly without a job. She had been working as a server at a restaurant on the beach in Pensacola. She applied for unemployment and food stamps and found that with no income, she now qualified for health insurance under Medicaid.


Holly Bullard is with the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added].

HOLLY BULLARD: We know a large portion of those 900,000 cases - that a lot of those folks will be falling back into the coverage gap."

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