April 28, 2021

Florida healthcare budget totals $44 billion. Here are 5 things you need to know [Miami Herald]

Kirby Wilson writes:

"If you pick a dollar at random out of Florida’s $101.5 billion budget, it’s got a strong chance of going to a healthcare program.

That means Florida’s healthcare spending plan sheds a great deal of light on the priorities of state leaders. Who gets coverage under the state’s Medicaid program? Where are billions of federal dollars going? How is the state looking after its most vulnerable citizens?


To Anne Swerlick, a policy analyst at the progressive-leaning Florida Policy Institute, opposition to Medicaid expansion makes little sense [emphasis added]. How, she wondered, are Republicans so willing to extend Medicaid coverage for new mothers, yet so reluctant to expand it to hundreds of thousands of additional low-income Floridians?"


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