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March 28, 2023

Florida focuses on expanding kids’ health insurance, not Medicaid [Tampa Bay Times]

Christopher O'Donnell Romy Ellenbogen and write:

"Florida is unlikely to expand Medicaid this year, as North Carolina and other Republican states have done recently, but lawmakers are pushing measures they say will expand health care for more children from low-income families.

About $76 million has been set aside in the House’s proposed budget to incentivize more pediatricians to treat children on Medicaid. And a bill progressing through the Legislature will expand the number of families eligible for subsidized child health insurance programs.


'Those North Carolina legislators really did the brave and correct and right thing,' said Holly Bullard, chief strategy and development officer at the nonpartisan nonprofit Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added]. 'There’s no reason why Florida can’t too.'


The expansion of KidCare is welcomed by the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] but the Orlando nonprofit warns that some new enrollees often must navigate a difficult two-month delay before their care is covered, Bullard said.

Her group and others have also raised the alarm about how many Floridians could be kicked off Medicaid this year.

Typically, each year, KidCare grows by about 3%, according to a House analysis. But for the 2023-24 fiscal year, a growth of about 77% is expected because of the number of families that will lose coverage.

An estimated 900,000 more Floridians — roughly 4% of the state’s population — would be eligible for Medicaid if Florida expanded eligibility as allowed under the Affordable Care Act, according to the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added]."

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