January 12, 2023

Florida commission urges sweeping mental health reforms [Tampa Bay Times]

Sam Ogozalek writes:

"A state commission is urging Florida to enact sweeping reforms to its patchwork system of mental health care.

The recommendations come from the Commission on Mental Health and Substance Abuse, which was created in 2021 after the Parkland grand jury called Florida’s mental health system 'a mess.'


The nonprofit Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], which supports Medicaid expansion, praised the commission’s recommendation to undertake a study.

'We are very heartened by this,' said Holly Bullard, the nonprofit’s chief strategy and development officer [emphasis added].

But the institute wants the study to be broader, Bullard said.

Florida should examine the impact of expanding eligibility to all adults ages 64 and younger who have incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty level, she said."

Read the rest of the story at: tampabay.com

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