July 2, 2019

Fiscal Year 2019-20 Budget: Summary by Issue Area

Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-2020 budget into law on June 21, 2019. The final budget totals $91 billion, an increase of $2.3 billion, or 2.6 percent, over FY 2018-19.

The budget, also known as the General Appropriations Act (GAA), represents a $700 million increase over the Florida Senate’s recommended funding levels and a $1.1 billion increase over the funding levels proposed by the Florida House of Representatives.  

Disappointingly, the final budget continues the state’s post-Great Recession trend of under-investing in residents.

This report will analyze the GAA in the context of the Roadmap to Shared Prosperity in Florida, a blueprint for improving economic mobility, health and fiscal stability for families in the Sunshine State.

The Florida Policy Institute (FPI) answered the same questions below in early February 2019 in its analysis of the governor’s proposed budget, as well as in March 2019 in its analysis of the Senate and House budget proposals.

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