February 8, 2021

Expanding Medicaid will aid COVID-19 recovery [The Gainesville Sun]

Diane Dimperio writes:

"The good news is that Florida will not have a $5 billion deficit in the fiscal year that begins July 1. The bad news is that state economists are predicting a $3.3 billion deficit.

Since the instinctive reaction to a budget deficit is to cut spending, the governor has already asked state administrators to submit reduced department budgets. Our biggest spending categories are health/human services and education.

States have to live within their incomes and can’t borrow money for operations. If we don’t want to gut desperately needed services, legislators need to find ways to increase income. The Florida Policy Institute has identified over $4 billion in revenue proposals that would more than balance the budget [emphasis added].

Some of these proposals would close the corporate loopholes that make Florida “business friendly” and may be controversial, but let’s think about small businesses. Small businesses, often referred to as the backbone of the Florida economy, have been responsible for creating 60% of all new jobs since 2012."


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