November 19, 2019

Environmentalists: Gov. DeSantis’ budget falls short of pent-up needs

Laura Cassel of the Florida Phoenix writes:

"Representing a new theme song for environmental issues in Florida, observers say Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is doing better than his predecessors but is not doing enough to overcome decades of degradation of sensitive lands and water quality.

Commenting on the budget plan DeSantis released Monday, critics said his proposed funding of $2 billion for the Department of Environmental Protection — an increase of $234 million — is an improvement over the previous administration but called on lawmakers to do much more now that Republican lawmakers belatedly acknowledge climate change and its heavy toll in Florida.


'The governor’s proposal funds Florida Forever, the state’s primary land conservation program, at $100 million. While this is an important commitment to conservation, it’s far below the level needed to make up for years of dismal environmental protection funding at the hands of state lawmakers,' the nonpartisan Florida Policy Institute said in a statement [emphasis added]."

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