June 23, 2021

Ending federal unemployment benefits based on misguided premise, won't work [The Gainesville Sun]

Mike Williams writes:

"As a long-time construction worker, I became very experienced with the unemployment insurance system. Each day we went to work on a project was a day closer to its completion and a day closer to temporary unemployment.

The benefits we received only helped keep food on the table while we searched and waited for the next job — and our employers paid premiums into the fund, knowing the benefits paid out helped keep us around, a skilled workforce ready to go for their next project.


Based on our research and reports by the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and others, pulling out of this program will impact around 116,000 Floridians. These are unemployed workers who either never qualified for state benefits, exhausted state benefits, may be furloughed from their job waiting to get back to work, lack access to child care or are unemployed for a whole host of other factors."


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