February 5, 2023

Don’t give up on public education [Citrus County Chronicle]

Cortney Stewart writes:

"I spent my entire K-12 educational experience in the Citrus County School System. I’m immensely proud of that fact.

My time as a public school student, while obviously not perfect, was good. I received a solid education that prepared me for college and beyond. I had teachers who invested in me and helped me to grow as a student and as a person. The opportunities to try new things and explore new passions were made readily available to me.


According to the Education Law Center and Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], Florida taxpayers currently spend $1.1 billion for 124,063 students who currently receive vouchers. Another $890 million would be added to that cost with the passing of HB1. In addition, $1.9 billion would be available to the 219,017 students who are currently enrolled in private school and paying for their education out of pocket with no taxpayer help. Another $85 million would be available for the 10,000 currently homeschooled students."

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