August 30, 2021

DeSantis urged to seek up to $820 million in food aid for children [Tampa Bay Times]

Lawrence Mower writes:

"TALLAHASSEE — More than four months after Florida first could have applied for up to $820 million in food aid, it’s still unclear if state officials are seeking the money — which is enough to feed 2.1 million children in low income homes.

More than 80 advocacy groups, including the food bank Feeding Tampa Bay, signed on to a letter Monday urging DeSantis to request the federal aid.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office hasn’t answered repeated questions from the Times/Herald over the past week about the aid’s status.


Pushaw’s response is also 'nonresponsive' to the requests of child hunger groups in Florida, said Cindy Huddleston, a senior policy analyst for the Florida Policy Institute, a progressive think tank [emphasis added].

'There’s still a need for the program, even though schools are in session now,' Huddleston said. 'The summer (program) is a way for families with low income to get relief, because they’re still playing catchup from their food costs this summer.'"


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