November 20, 2022

Defend Florida’s most vulnerable, hidden workers | Editorial

The Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board writes:

"Across Florida, tens of thousands of workers labor under uncertain conditions, paid far less than a living wage (and vulnerable for wage theft) and lacking critical protections like health insurance.

It says a lot about the status of work in the Sunshine State that the above paragraph could apply to several sectors of its labor force.

But a recent report from the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] focuses on domestic workers — the 112,000-plus people who mind children, clean bathrooms and kitchens, care for elderly and disabled people and accomplish myriad other tasks needed to keep homes operational for the families who employ them.


The report, prepared by FPI with help from the Miami Workers Center, includes a statistical snapshot of domestic workers across Florida drawn primarily from the U.S. Census. It shows clear trends. Three-fifths are immigrants (more than double the proportion of immigrants in the state’s overall labor force) and one-third of those immigrants are undocumented, putting them at significantly higher risk of abuse. Three-quarters of them are Black or of Latin American descent. And 95 percent of them are women."


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