April 26, 2018

Cutting Medicaid eligibility hurts Medicare, too [Palm Beach Post]

Florida lawmakers cut $98 million from the Medicaid program for “non-pregnant” adults who need retroactive Medicaid. This translates to a cut primarily targeting seniors and persons with disabilities.

Medicaid cuts in general put the most vulnerable Floridians at risk of losing much-needed coverage. In this instance, the cut exposes previously uninsured people with significant illness and disability to enormous medical debt. Our state already ranks near the bottom of the list — 46th in the nation — for its rate of insured residents.

But another lesser-known group hurt by this cut will be low-income Medicare beneficiaries, also known as “dual eligibles” since they receive both Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

For them, it means they will lose out on a $402 benefit to help cover out-of-pocket costs. These dollars will continue flowing to low-income Medicare beneficiaries in every other state.

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