October 19, 2023

Child poverty is on the rise is the U.S. Here is what that looks like in Tampa Bay

Teghan Simonton writes:

"Before the pandemic, Rebekah Cay and her husband never had difficulty supporting their family of five. A fourth-generation Tampa native, she runs a pet care business, while her husband works full time in the trucking industry. They have three children — now 16, 11 and 10.


A two-adult, two-child family now needs $77,000 a year in order to survive in Hillsborough County, Neal said. By contrast, the median income for the county is just over $64,000.

Experts have noted the end of the pandemic tax credits means the latest figures are simply a return to pre-pandemic levels, after the historically low poverty rate in 2021. The child poverty rate was 12.6% in 2019.

'It speaks a lot to the idea that we’ve normalized outsized child poverty and unnecessary lack of resources for children and the under-funding of supports for them — direct supports to families as well as other social services,' said Holly Bullard, chief strategy and development officer at the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added].

Florida has consistently ranked poorly when it comes to poverty, which Bullard [emphasis added] attributes to underinvestment in programs that 'reduce barriers to prosperity,' including higher education, tax rebates and child care resources.

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