September 24, 2018

Administration's Draft Rule Would Hurt Families and Communities Across the Country

Immigrants are our friends, neighbors, family members and work colleagues, and they have made invaluable contributions to our communities. But the Administration’s draft rule would make using critical health and poverty-reduction programs a disqualifier for immigration, putting millions of families at risk.

The draft rule would greatly expand the definition of ‘public charge,’ which currently only applies to cash assistance and government-funded institutionalization, to include the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy, housing assistance and non-emergency Medicaid, with limited exceptions.

This is yet another example of the Administration prioritizing the wealthy, pushing struggling families deeper into poverty and increasing unmet medical needs and food insecurity within our communities.

The draft rule, if enacted, would hurt Florida families and families across the U.S. Once the proposed regulation is published in the Federal Register, the Florida Policy Institute will be submitting comments to the Department of Homeland Security detailing the irreparable harm that this rule would cause.

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