September 21, 2022

A ‘tax stunt?’: Mixed reviews on DeSantis’ sweeping tax holiday legislative proposals

Danielle J. Brown writes:

"Gov. Ron DeSantis this week announced an extensive slate of potential tax relief for the 2023 legislative session, targeting expenses typically associated with families — but not everyone sees the effort as an overall benefit for Floridians.

His proposals included extending the back-to-school tax break holiday, creating permanent tax relief for strollers and cribs, and establishing a full-year tax exemption on household products under $25 dollars.

During press conference Tuesday in Bradenton, that last point elicited a handful of ‘woahs’ from the audience.

But a nonpartisan, nonprofit policy and research organization called the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] was less impressed, questioning the effectiveness of tax holidays overall.

'The permanent exemptions on baby and toddler necessities, cribs and strollers, and temporary exemptions on books, toys, and household items would certainly help families navigate the increasing cost of living and the ongoing impacts of the pandemic,' FPI CEO Sadaf Knight [emphasis added] said in a written statement Tuesday.

'We are, however, dismayed that the proposal includes a continuation of the annual sales tax holidays. Research shows that sales tax holidays hardly provide any relief to Florida’s families, nor do they provide a significant boost to retailers or the state’s economy.'

Knight [emphasis added] explains:

'They siphon revenue away from much-needed investments that would have wide reaching benefits across the state — investments in education, housing, health care, and more. There are better, proven ways to target relief to Floridians struggling to make ends meet than through sales tax holidays.'"


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