June 12, 2020

750,000 Floridians still haven’t gotten stimulus checks and won’t unless they contact IRS by October [Orlando Sentinel]

Carolina Glenn of the Orlando Sentinel writes:

"More than two months since Congress and President Trump passed a historic relief package that would get cash directly to households, 12 million Americans — including 750,000 Floridians — have still not received their stimulus checks, a new report says.

Only California surpassed Florida in the number of individuals who haven’t gotten the payouts, with 1,082,000.


The Florida Policy Institute, another progressive group that advances state policies, called upon Gov. Ron DeSantis to 'implement a robust outreach program.'

'The CARES act payments provide a much-needed boost to families trying to pay rent and put food on the table during this unprecedented health and economic crisis,' said Sadaf Knight, CEO of the organization. 'Florida leaders must work to ensure hundreds of thousands of residents don’t miss out on this relief for their families and our community.'"


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