March 13, 2021

5 ways lawmakers can fix Florida’s unemployment system — besides the dysfunctional CONNECT [Miami Herald]

Lawrence Mower writes:

"During the last year, legislators’ offices were flooded with calls from desperate Floridians looking for help with their unemployment claims, leading to what is likely the greatest constituent outreach effort in the Legislature’s history.

Many lawmakers vowed to fix the system when they returned to Tallahassee.

Two weeks into the annual 60-day session, Democrats have proposed a variety of bills to fix unemployment, but none of them have received a hearing in the Republican-controlled Legislature.


Under state law, unemployment benefits don’t start until you apply for them. And even then, you still have to wait a week before receiving them, an obstacle for applicants that dates back to when unemployment claims were handled manually, according to the Florida Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank [emphasis added]."


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